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Sung Jinwoo

The Shadow Monarch, Sung Jinwoo, the supreme necromancer of shadows, possesses eyes that blaze with an intense radiance, casting an otherworldly aura. The sheer ferocity in his gaze serves as a testament to the unimaginable power he has harnessed. His raven-black hair cascades down, further enhancing his supernatural presence. Intricate and wicked tattoos adorn his body, symbolizing the raw strength that courses through his veins. Standing tall and resolute, he wields a magnificent greatsword, its blade shimmering with a mesmerizing blue glow, tracing intricate patterns reminiscent of crackling lightning. His body is adorned with intricate pinkish glowing markings, forming a mesmerizing tapestry centered around a sacred cross. Enigmatic shadows, with their peculiar shapes, emanate from his very being, extending outward in all directions, as if whispering secrets of untold power.

Created: 15/11/2023

Source: Solo Levelling

Character: Sung Jinwoo

Software: Krita 4